Learning Mode

How to enable Learning Mode

Enable Learning Mode Trowch by clicking the button, which is on the top right of a computer screen or at the bottom of the menu on a mobile device.

Learning Mode Button

What is Learning Mode

Learning Mode offers more information for children and learners. It uses colour to highlight parts of speech, it shows how a word mutates, and it shows the part of speech and mutations at work within the context of personal pronouns and counting.

Learning Mode - Cath

What is the significance of the colours?

The colours highlight specific parts of speech in order to help remember how a word behaves. The selection of colours follows the pattern devised by D.Geraint Lewis in his book D.I.Y. Welsh (Gomer, 2018), ie:

enw gwrywaidd = noun masculine, e.g. bachgen
enw benywaidd = noun feminine, e.g. merch
enw lluosog =noun plural, e.g. newyddion
enw gwrywaidd neu fenywaidd = noun masculine or feminine, e.g. munud (which varies between North and South Wales)
enw benywaidd neu wrywaidd = noun feminine or masculine, e.g. nyrs (which varies according to the gender of the person - this type of variation is rare)
ansoddair = adjective, e.g. bach
berfenw = verb-noun, e.g. canu