Structure of the Records

Dictionary Records

A dictionary record can contain the following elements. Clicking the loudspeaker will play a recording of the word being pronounced. Clicking the [+] on the grey bar will display a preview of the base form of the keyword.

Dictionary Record

Special Dictionary Records

Country Names

A country name record shows the adjectival form and the name of the native people. You can find more information about the country by opening the external map or encyclopaedia in the Dictionary Portal.

Country Name Record

Personal Names

You can find more information about the name by opening the biographical dictionary in the Dictionary Portal.

Cofnod Enw Pobl

Thesaurus Records

A record from the thesaurus can be viewed in two different ways - either as a list of words in alphabetical order, or as a cloud showing their similarity to the keyword.

English Thesaurus - Plain

Clicking the "Similarity Cloud" button, which is on the top right of the screen on a computer, or part the menu on a mobile device, will show and hide the cloud. Larger words are more similar in meaning to the keyword than smaller words.

English Thesaurus - Cloud

Records from the Verb Conjugator

While the dictionary itself displays the inflected forms of the verbs:

Verb Conjugation - Dictionary

The Verb Conjugator record also shows the equivalent periphrastic forms of the inflected forms and an English translation using one of the English synonyms. The Verb Conjugator also lists the periphrastic forms of Tenses which have no inflected forms.

Verb Conjugator Record