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Gweiadur - a Welsh-English / English-Welsh on-line dictionary including definitions and pronunciations within a collection of multimedia resources for users of Welsh of all ages and abilities.

Gweiadur Pawb - the core dictionary of the project. Based on over 30 years of dictionary building, it includes:

  • 400,000 Welsh words (including mutations and verb forms)
  • 38,000 Welsh definitions and phrases
  • verbs conjugated in every tense
  • adjectives compared
  • prepositions conjugated
  • gramatical advice about word usage
  • the mutations which are triggered by certain words
  • audio pronunciation
  • corresponding English words at sense level
  • English/Welsh index

As the project progresses, we will update the dictionary and extend Gweiadur Pawb, e.g. with country and place name dictionaries, Welsh thesaurus, English thesaurus, etc.

We will also add other specialist resources to Gweiadur, e.g. dictionaries for children and learners.

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D. Geraint Lewis
Nudd Lewis